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Mom & Me Lead Line Classes

"Mom & Me" Lead Line Classes are designed so both the child and their parent/guardian can be students together. 

Parent/Guardians learn how to safely handle, groom, tack up and lead their child's pony in the lesson.   This is a wonderful way for parent/guardians and their young riders to participate in a riding lesson together.  

These are lead line lessons in which the child's pony or horse is led by the parent/guardian while the instructor teaches the young rider about balance, position, and basic steering controls in a fun and challenging way.  Parent/Guardians expand their horse knowledge as they learn terminology, how horses think and react, parts of the horse, and the different levels of horsemanship.

These are group classes with up to five children and their parent/guardians per class. 

Classes run about one hour and include time to prepare the pony or horse for the lesson.  

This class prepares young children to move up to independent riding off the lead line. Parent/Guardians have more knowledge and an increased understanding of riding,  allowing them to give their child better support in the sport.

Best Value

Bronze Membership



Every 6 weeks

Introductory Level for new riders

Valid until canceled

We operate on a 6 week calendar term.

5 Riding Lessons per Term

One unmounted ground class

One make-up lesson allowed per term

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