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Riding Lesson Packages

  • Bronze Membership

    Every 6 weeks
    Introductory Level for new riders
    • We operate on a 6 week calendar term.
    • 5 Riding Lessons per Term
    • One unmounted ground class
    • One make-up lesson allowed per term
  • Silver Membership

    Every 6 weeks
    Twice a week lessons for more time in the saddle
    • Ages 7 - 18 * Adults accepted on a limited basis
    • 10 Riding Lessons per term
    • One independent ride on a school horse
    • One Unmounted practical horse care class
    • 2 make-up lessons allowed
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    The best package for those wanting to lease or own a horse.
    • Care for a designated horse as if it is your own!
    • Great introduction to what ownership would be like
    • Spend extra time at the barn to learn new skills.
    • 10 Riding Lessons per term
    • Two independent rides, outside of your lesson
    • One Practical Horse Care, unmounted class
    • Subscription Only
  • Mom & Me Lead Line Class

    Every 6 weeks
    Young riders ages 3 - 8 and their Parent/Guardians learn together!
    • 5 lead line classes and one make-up or ground class.
    • Parent/Guardians participate with their child in the lesson
    • This is a great way to support your child in their sport!
    • This is an introductory horsemanship class.
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