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Single Purchase Lessons 

These lessons do not require a subscription and are available as a single purchase. They are private lessons.


Little Dudes      ages 3 - 7   (On Lead Line)    $60.00

This lesson is for children who have little to no experience around ponies. They have time to pet and brush the pony either before or after their up to 30 minute ride. The length of the ride is dependent upon your child's attention span and enjoyment of the ride.  


Plan to be at the barn for up to one hour. 


Orientation Lesson   $80.00

This combo session will focus on safe horse handling, grooming and tacking up, followed by a riding session. 


For students with little to no riding experience, this lesson may be a ground lesson only to learn how to halter, lead, groom and tack up a horse or pony.


More experienced students have a grooming and tacking up lesson followed by a 30 minute riding lesson.


Plan to spend 90 minutes for this Introductory Lesson regardless of riding level. 


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